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Programs Based on Student Needs

Our priority is for every student to be in a setting where they can be both challenged and supported. The choirs reflect the priorities of strong music and strong communities for every student.

All students are welcomed as part of DCYC. We will get to know each student an give them a place where they can be most successful!


What Do Our Students Do?

Building Our Musical Communities

Weekly Rehearsal

Each of our weekly rehearsals will include:​

  • Ensemble Singing

  • Music Reading and Writing

  • Learning Musical Pieces

  • Snack

  • Community-Building Activities

  • Combined Rehearsal with Both Choirs



Retreats throughout the year exist to allow our students to connect and develop their voices musically. This isn't a time to focus on performance pieces, but just to learn more about ourselves and each other.


With performances each semester, students will get to share what they've learned with the community. The performances are a time of sharing and celebration of all the learning experiences students have had.


Learn from Guest Musicians

Part of DCYC's commitment to community is that we bring musicians into our space from the greater Denton community each semester. Our focus is for these guests to share music with them that is significant to their cultures, so our students can learn more about cultures they come from and cultures of those around them. Learn about our guest musicians here!

Welcoming Others In

Our Fall Dance Night is be open to our students' loved ones, so we can share in a musical community together. Spring Sing is a day where they can bring their friends, family members, and neighbors with them to rehearsal to learn and perform together!

Each semester, we have a day where loved ones can come into rehearsals to learn music alongside the students to involve the larger community!

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Our Choir


Our students experience the joy of community-based choral singing through high quality repertoire. The pieces the choir sings are each hand-picked to support student learning and success. 

Performance Skills

Students do not only get to learn the skills of singing, but will gain a deeper understanding of how to perform in front of an audience with their peers. We aim to create joyful performing experiences to set students up for empowered music-making for years to come!

Connection with Others

The best and most important part of our choir is that in each rehearsal, we aim to connect students together through music. Our students have told us that they have built strong friendships with those they have met in choir and that they have grown as people. We have been the subject of academic studies to understand the effect community music-making can have on developing students and it is humbling to hear about how music makes a difference for our singers!

Ready to Register?

Register for DCYC and we will send you more information! 

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