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How Are Students Placed in a Choir?

We will send tentative information about choir placement once each child registers. At our Welcome Retreat, we will hear each child sing and get to know their musical interests. From there, we will place them into one of our choirs. This means that hearings are a chance to get to know every student in our organization and for us to place them in a choir where they will be successful. Every student who registers will be accepted into DCYC!

Signing a Contract

Sign Up

Let us know you're interested by filling out the interest form below.

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This year, we have decided to cancel our placement hearings. Instead, please make sure your child is ready to do the following three things at our initial retreat on September 10.

1. Sing "Are You Sleeping" in any language. Click here for recordings to help you out!

2. Sing all or part of a song that means a lot to you.

3. Tell us what you love about music.


Come to Rehearsal

We'll let you know which group you'll be in! We can't wait to have you!


Rehearsals for the Overture Choir are from 6:00-7:35 on Tuesday evenings. Rehearsals for the Coda Choir are from 6:45-8:20.

Costs for Being in DCYC

Accessible to Any Students Who Want to be in Our Musical Community

At DCYC, we include everything your child will need in the $360 annual tuition, including a t-shirt, music, and all other materials.

Communities are stronger when everyone is involved! Because of that, cost will not keep anyone from being in DCYC. If you need financial assistance, please just mark that when you register. If you would like to sponsor a student, you may mark that as well!

To sponsor a student or sponsor DCYC in a different capacity, please visit our donation page.


Interested in DCYC? Fill Out This Form

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Are You Sleeping Recordings

Please click on the recordings to listen to "Are You Sleeping?". We have it currently in English, Spanish, and French. Please contact us if you would like to audition in a language other than English, Spanish, or French, and we would be happy to provide another recording!

Are You Sleeping - English
Are You Sleeping - Spanish
Are You Sleeping - French
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